Title: NEWFACE.WAD Character face and sound replacement for DOOM2
Filename: graphics/newface.zip
Size: 117 KB
Date: 10/31/96
Author: Kenneth Scott
E-mail: mfarr@ccinet.ab.ca
Description: Replaces BJs face with a more rugged, leatherfaced Marine. A right Ornery Bastard! Also Includes a new, stark tool bar,Character sounds(ADULT LANGUAGE) New text graphics, and a new title Graphic from my ALIEN TC, as a taste of things to come...
Base: From scratch. Character was painted and Photographed.
Build time: 3days
Editor(s) used: WINTEX 4.3
Bugs: I believe it's an Id bug, The marine getting hurt graphics don't seem to get used. Might have something to do with my Machine speed...
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Very good Face. Thanks Regards Arnoldx
Nice, not Doom-style, but it's nifty.x
ROFL, I remember playing this wad when I was like 5 years old, I had the sound up loud and shit my pants when the player yelled "FUCK". I alro remember thinking the face looks like a grizzled old man.x

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