Title: Puma-FW.EXE
Filename: graphics/puma-fw.zip
Size: 51 KB
Date: 04/16/95
Author: Felix Ware '95
E-mail: Jaswin@freenet.fsu.edu
Description: Hey out there in computer-land
This is a quality (I hope) graphics patch for Doom I or Doom II, it shouldn't jam your machine up, at least it didnt jam mine

This patch will change the barrel's in Doom into leaping Unipuma's (Cat-girl from Dominion Tank Police, with her gun drawn)
Build time: Oodles of my time, well an hour or so, it WAS my first try at this
Editor(s) used: Dmgraph.EXE (Nice little program by Bill Neisius, Bill@solaria.hac.com)
Computer EYEs (Digitizing program)
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Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to...x
1 frame of animation cut off in a small square. 'nuff said.x

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