Title: Quake 2 Textures for Doom II - Full Version - v1.1
Filename: graphics/q2tex.zip
Size: 3314 KB
Date: 08/30/00
Author: Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald
E-mail: derekmd@frad.org
Description: 1171 textures & 645 flats converted to Doom II. Wow, eh? ;)
Base: Quake2's .pak, id's hard work
Build time: Many long winters in my igloo
Editor(s) used: Wintex 4.3, Paint Shop Pro 6, QuArK, Deutex, Notepad, MS-Edit Q2towad, qArt
Bugs: This wad does not work in DCK with the large amount of textures and flats. There's a zip with this wad split up available at my site so check that out.
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*twitch* I can... uh..... eheh.... SHOOT THE STROGG!!! ^^x
Its great, but there is TOO many textures, and i may slow down your builder when the textures are in usex
it's bull fucking shit!!!!!!!!! -infinity/5x
How do I rate higher then 5? 99999999999999999999 999999k/5x
nice good job x
What a great job!!! 10/5 - Jivex

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