Title: DOOM v1.666 shareware version
Filename: historic/dm1666sw.zip
Size: 2386 KB
Date: 09/01/94
E-mail: fpv@ftp.cdrom.com
Description: In order to create a complete collection of historic DOOM versions, as released on the Internet at the time, id Software has allowed to place this file, the v1.666 shareware version of DOOM released on Sep 1, 1994, in the official idgames archive.
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The original. A legend.x
This is the NON-beta version of DOOM that contained the multiplayer demo (DEMO2). For those who did not have network linkups on their computers back in the day, this version was important because it introduced the player to some of the enticing aspects of DOOM co-op play. While this demo is playing, you may use F12 to switch to the other player's view. Note that despite the status bar showing green, the demo recorder was actually playing indigo.x

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