Title: Doom 1.4, the leaked bootleg of 8-apr-94
Filename: historic/doom14bl.zip
Size: 287 KB
Date: 03/25/04
Author: id team (the DOOM.EXE, not this text file), Upload: LogicDeLuxe
E-mail: doomer@abmischung.de
Description: This is an early version of the Doom 1.4 executable, it is not the official 1.4 beta version dated 28-jul-94 which also is available in the historic archive as one of the shareware releases. I found this copy on a shareware collection on a cd-rom back than with no further documentations included nor the resource files which are required to use this one. So I'll give it away as such and merely include this text file with it.
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This version appears to be an in-dev version of the Doom II engine. Interesting, although it has only partial compatibility with Doom II. --Wooliex
Gotta love that sound randomizer.x
@Woolie, yeah I think Doom 2 was probably only in early alpha at this point.x

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