Title: WHAT?! (as in the sound when something isn't right)
Filename: levels/doom/0-9/02what.zip
Size: 23 KB
Date: 08/19/95
Description: I consider this to be one HELL of a level. Meaning you can play this for a long time and not win. However it makes a great deathmatch. I made the hard skill levels (4 & 5) look a little more hellish, because the easy skill levels are a cakewalk. I figure it to be a cheap reward. I've included a .LMP of me beating (finally) the level on Ultra- Violence, but haven't tackled Nightmare yet.
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Sure the architecture is crap but there are several good battles in this small wad.x
Very nice! Good level layout too. Had a couple of scares there especially with the Cyberdemon. Get this map if you dont have it yet!x
It's enjoyably hectic, although not all that tricky by today's standards; which makes me wonder whether I have changed or the computer gaming world. I still find Manic Miner hard, so perhaps I am now had so much practice with Doom that old levels do not challenge me much, and of course I am now using a mouse to control my movements whereas in 1995 I used the keyboard.x
Very good addon . I enjoyed it.x
Typical 1994 map. Garbage! 0/5!x

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