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Date: 11/03/97
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This is dated January 1995. It is E3M1. It is better than the early fiffy levels, but still suffers from a problem that he would never solve; you repeatedly fight large clumps of a certain type of monster, and it's tedious rather than exciting. If you can kill a group of ten imps you should have no problem killing thirty or forty. There's a poor-quality joke sound replacement. The wad is bulked up with zipfiles of a drill and a flamethrower but you need to use DMGraph to get them working.x
OK here's my story. I played through Fiffy 1 and 2, gave both a 1 Star score, and then thought to myself "no way am i going to play through them all". So i decided to play one more with the highest rating. And here is my verdict. It stinks and sucks and aches just as much as his former attempts. The level design is the same - abysmal. Too many monsters, crap guns, boring design and BLOODY BORING!! Yay, the architecture is mildly better, so what. These levels stink more than my grandma. -- 1 Star.x
What the second guy said.x
What the first guy said.x
Good Level!! 5/5-- Moti_The~Doomx
Well it took Fiffy 7 or so attempts but he finally made a half decent level. The best map design and architeture of his levels so far. Unfortunatley this map still gets plagued by the "Lets throw 80 imps at the player with nothing more than a shotgun to beat them all" trap which tends to get boring fast. Also the new Sounds almost ruin the experiencex

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