Title: Tides of Sin
Filename: levels/doom/Ports/s-u/tidessin.zip
Size: 45 KB
Date: 06/08/05
Author: Dr. Sam Kendrick Ellis III, M.D.
E-mail: super_shotgun35@yahoo.com
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor 1.3
Bugs: None
Rating: (6 votes)
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Quite a nice little map, but nothing too difficult. The final battle might be awkward if you don't use the right weapon or try the wrong strategy. There's excessive amounts of ammo, as berserking the big bunch of demons is rather straightforward.x
Great detail. A bit short..x
A nice quickie with lots of ammo and quite a few barons. Good detail and gameplay. 4/5 - Belialx
This is dated February 2003. It's not bad, although it feels years old - the design is a typical garish 1994 techbase, with nothing that screams sourceport at me. The big problem is that it's very short. There are 86 monsters, but they basically come at you in two groups on a single large staircase, first a bunch of demons that you can berzerk punch, and then a group of barons that you can rocket and plasma easily. I was left thinking, is that all there is?x

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