Title: almighty.zip
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/almighty.zip
Size: 429 KB
Date: 09/04/95
Author: The Kid, The Lord, Blackfist
Description: This is a compilation of doom pwads gathered from bbs around the country. Others, like myself, after finishing doom a few times - in a number of different ways - were not content to wait for the new release. They, with the help of some excellant editors now available - DEU 5.0 the editor of choice - have taken it upon themselves to build new levels from scratch!
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An old-school (and supposedly Christian-themed?) compilation episode that's not horrible, but not great, either. The first half is decent, with E2M4 being the best of the episode, while the second half is crappy. Still, I've played much worse from the era. 3/5x
This ZIP contains GOODGOD.ZIP. That, in turn, contains GOODLORD.WAD, a compilation of the following WADs: E2M1-E2M3: FOREST.WAD v1.3 (incl. the sky) E2M4: MEGALAB.WAD E2M5: STRANGE.WAD E2M6: STRENGTH.WAD E2M7: WANTON12.WAD E2M8: UPLIFTNG.WAD x

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