Title: asdoom.zip
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/asdoom.zip
Size: 289 KB
Date: 02/16/95
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Rating: (5 votes)
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This WAD used to be famous. Much pwad is dreadful. Easy fights, ultra-bland architecture, misaligned textures, impossible to find secrets, keys hidden behind secret doors, etc. But Andy Sheppard managed some cool rooms on Level 4 and 5, and some hot fights here and there. I give it 3 stars for some of the clever parts, a generous score given the manifest faults of this WAD, especially the use of rising floors instead of lifts, and the Phobos Anomaly that has no exit. -- Steve Duff 4/28/2011x
No reason why this still shouldn't be famous. It's a good solid wad. E1M8 does of course have an exit - you really don't think this would have been realized back then?x
Middle of the line here for me. I say neither horrible nor good for today's standards. Maybe tilted slightly below average, but not horrible. Might easily be 2 stars if it was modern but old date guarantees a 3. 3/5x
Minimalistic architecture - but great playability. A good WAD to study for beginner map makers on how to avoid the pitfalls of trying to put too much in a map. Well worth downloading.x

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