Title: The Base of Evil
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bas_evil.zip
Size: 375 KB
Date: 04/25/04
Author: Ralf Wueltener
E-mail: BadJoke@web.de
Description: This pwad replaces episode #2 with 9 new levels. The level layouts and difficulty of these levels are compareable to DOOM's 'INFERNO'.

This pwad include following nine brandnew missions:

1.) Entrance 2.) Catacombs 3.) Lab of Horror 4.) Outcasted Building 5.) Bloodletting 6.) Weird Ruins 7.) Walk thru Hell 8.) Way out Sec.) Mysterious Halls

Every single mission was designed to be great for single player games. But I know, very many of you love deathmatch showdowns. So I desided to add deathmatch starts and additional weapons. None of this nine missions is huge, all missions can be finished within 15 minutes, provided you do not fool around.
Credits: ID Software for programming the best 3D games, Ben Morris for DCK 2.0, Oliver Montanuy for DeuTex, Bill Neisius for DMGraph,DMMusic... and everyone who was involved in making any editors or other stuff I used to make this or one of my other pwads, and everyone, who tries this pwad.
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I love it, one of the best classic episode sets I've seen. ***** -sargebaldyx
Fairly good, but lacks originality. The levels are peppered with "tributes" or "rip-offs" of original id levels. The gameplay is good in the first few levels, but then gets worse, especially in the final level, which was a letdown. 3 stars.x
plays alright, not really exciting for today standards 3/5 - PerOxydx
Good levels, Id-quality in appearance with challenging gameplay. Recommended.x
Since you changed episode and level names, I'll give it a 3 rather than a 2. The quality is mediocre, but if you were to give permission to use your levels as a base for other levels (like with kill1), it would be a 5x
It's a decent episode overall. BTW this appears to be duplicated as phell.zip (id=15915). The only thing changed that I can see is the name of the wad in the text file, but not in-game. I didn't notice any changes to the wad other than renaming it, but maybe I'm missing something. Just wanted to inform of a potential duplicate (however it's not stolen; the author in the .txt is still Ralf, thankfully).x
This wad file is dated 1998? Didn't expect that while examining things especially this is totally good quality stuff if it's really from that timeframe. It was name-changed to Planet Hell at some point in 2009 (should have been a note to remove this, since archives don't accept duplicates) but I can't find a single map change.x

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