Title: Basilica
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/basilica.zip
Size: 333 KB
Date: 11/29/97
Author: Robert Kry
E-mail: robert.kry@nospam.edu
Description: A HUGE one-player level set in a cathedral. Several puzzles and tons of mayhem. For use with original DOOM, v1.666+. Includes lots of original graphics and a Bach instrumental score. See below for important play info.
Credits: id Software, of course Anthony Burden, author of Deth Raphael Quinet, author of DEU Robert Fenske, Jr., author of WARM Dennis Moller, author of NWT NeoSoft, authors of Neopaint Faren E. Raborn, compiler of the MIDI score Michael Sciortino, administrator of the Bach site at odyssey.net Denis Tetreault, who created the Waterfall textures (author of lava.wad for Doom2) Jim Davis (?), who created the Nightsky texture Jan Van der Veken, playtester Bernard Devaux, for help with Mac compatibility
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Off and on over 5 months
Editor(s) used: Map Editing: Deth 3.92 BSP, Reject table, and Map-merging: WARM 1.6 Graphic Art: Neopaint 3.2 Resource Handling: NWT 1.3 Music Conversion: Midi2Mus
Bugs: Slight HOM from the very southwest corner of the map (but why would you ever go there?) I didn't notice this until today - and would prefer not to try rebuilding the BSP at this point (it was a bit of a headache last time).
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Fantastic wad - very beautiful and atmospheric. The gameplay is based on some clever puzzle-type features, so give yourself plenty of time to savour this one. Monster-wise, it's quite gentle. x
Amazing fun and good architecture and didn't confuse me as much as other big riddle wads, even though for a little while I was still wandering around.. 5/5 - Optimusx
This is more than ten years old. You get several .bat files, but you can just run the .wad with e.g. Zdoom, and it works. The level has lots of new textures that look cartoony nowadays, but the lighting and layout are good, but a bit aimless. It's interesting to see a gothic library in a level presumably started before Doom II came out. The gameplay isn't bad, bit dull; there's a clever lift puzzle, a horrible stone catwalk puzzle. Very wandery at times.x
I love this map. Maybe a little confusing at times, but great overall... - 5/5x
Could be part of Eternal Doom... but would be one of the weakest maps in the set. I liked the locked door texture and that's all. This map is huge, empty and easier than Fava Beans (play it on -fast or yawn when playing). Not bad, just boring and - for me - lacks atmosphere. For big castle-like maps, download Eternal instead and play maps 07,11,19... 2/5 stars, vdggx

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