Title: bigtrap.zip
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Date: 09/28/94
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This one was fun to play. There are loads of barrels, crossfire situations, and walls opening up to reveal monsters, as well as groups of monsters teleporting in. You start out in a crate-/techlab, but towards the end the design varies. It never gets really hard (unless you're careless and stand too close to a barrel, hehe) but it's still nice to fight hoardes of monsters continuously for 15 minutes. Tip: push ALL silver/computer textures. 299/300 kills is maximum. --3/5x
This is E2M1. I enjoyed it - it's good fun for a 1994 level. The barrels lend themselves to chaingun sniping, a technique which wasn't generally used at the time. I counted 317 monsters, but a couple must have got stuck in a teleport somewhere. The design is generally clean and has an E2 feel. They're called breasts, and every woman has them. I'm not sure if the author meant to write that "the barrels and computers are your fiends"; perhaps he did.x
Not bad.x

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