Title: bs_l21.zip
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bs_l21.zip
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Date: 08/09/94
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Now here's something interesting. A nicely designed, appropriately small, map -- not a masterpiece exactly, but it certainly looks good for an old map. Some parts are about up to id's standards, others are a little bare. Progression is top notch and the abundance of shotgun guys requires you to play a little carefully at times (so at least the challenge is above "trivial"). Some very clever secrets here, too. Good map. --3/5x
This is E2M1. It is a good-quality level from September 1994; it has several decent secrets and lots of action. The balance of health is just about right on UV and it's as much fun to play as the original E2M1, although slightly cruder and with some odd design decisions (the essential blue key is in a secret area, for example). I agree with the previous review, this is a good level, especially for the period. Contrary to the readme there is in fact only one teleporter.x

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