Title: classic1.wad
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/classic1.zip
Size: 48 KB
Date: 07/11/98
Author: Jan Van der Veken
E-mail: jan.van.der.veken@village.uunet.be
Description: A level in the classic Doom style. Theme = The Evil Base
Credits: André Majorel, The Darkening guys
Build time:
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Rating: (4 votes)
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Bad: Minor texture misalignments; Level feels a little small; Ammo can be too tight at points and too abundant at others. Good: Excellent monster placement and some good traps lead to tense gameplay; Consistent theme with good choice of textures; Slightly non-linear progression through the level. Overall: The first level that I've played in a while where I was actually disappointed to see the exit so soon. Recommended. 4/5 -VVx
This is dated July 1998. You fight 155 baddies in a techbase that captures the E2 style, although with more monsters; it has a pretty hectic start, where you have to make every shot count, and then it mellows out. The boss battles are in the middle. It bogs down a bit with a tiny maze, but it's not a huge maze and I suppose it's there for the sake of verisimilitude. Has an odd thing whereby several bits are obviously secret but not marked as such. Still, good fun.x

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