Title: classic2.wad
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/classic2.zip
Size: 47 KB
Date: 07/11/98
Author: Jan Van der Veken
E-mail: jan.van.der.veken@village.uunet.be
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Rating: (4 votes)
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Good: No noticeable texture flaws; Action is fast, frantic, and relentless; Some really nasty traps. Bad: Seems a little TOO hard, at points (e.g., the start of the level); Ammo seems scarce at some points, overabundant at others; Decorations sometimes get in the way during battles. Overall: A good-looking level brought down by being needlessly frustrating. 3/5 -VVx
This is dated July 1998, and it's E2M2. You fight 142 baddies in an E2-themed level. It gets off to a hectic, cramped start, and then there's a good teleport battle. The second half of the level bogs down into a mazey section that you can skip entirely; in fact the whole red key section is superfluous. You get loads of weapons, including rockets, although the fighting is close-quarters so you probably won't use them. It's fun while it lasts.x

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