Filename: levels/doom/a-c/conquest.zip
Size: 91 KB
Date: 09/18/94
Author: Jim Hendrickson
E-mail: jhendric@acs.bu.edu
Description: Make your way through the building, facing a few different challenges. Watch your step, you may end up in prison for life!
This level is designed to be easy on level 1 and 2, manageable on level 3, challenging on level 4, and completely impossible on level 5.
There is enough ammo to score 100% kill ratio on all levels.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DOOMCad v4.2 on MS Windows 3.1
BSP Nodebuilder
DOOM v1.2
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Lightning Hunter
For a map made in '94, this was way ahead of its time. The detail is more reminiscent of a map made in 2000, and the author paid attention to the lighting and texture alignment - something that is rare for 1994. The connectivity is great, and there are lots of secrets to find. There aren't many intense fights, but there are several clever traps. As the other reviewer stated, you can unfortunately get stuck in a few areas that have no exit. Because this map was far ahead of its time, I give it 5/5.x
A classic E2 styled base with a very intricate design. There are lots of little side rooms and secrets to find, and everything seems interconnected. The progression is complicated, but once you've learned the map it's not hard to find your way around. There are some stupid things, though: you can trap yourself completely in several places, and the gameplay is sometimes dull (this map could really use some bigger fights). Still, a good map. --4/5x

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