Title: CRINGE!
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cringe6.zip
Size: 769 KB
Date: 07/06/95
Author: Mark Klem, Eric Sargent
Description: CRINGE! is a full replacement for the entire 2nd episode of id Software's DOOM. All modes of play and all difficulty levels are available in CRINGE!
Build time:
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Rating: (8 votes)
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YUCK. Don't get this one. Steer clear. For good.x
Nonsense. This is an excellent episode.x
I will be pleased to see the name of the author(s) here: Mark A. Klem (E2M1-E2M8) & Eric Sargent (E2M9). The real name of this Pwad is "MK_DOOM", alias "Cringe!" (MK: letters of Mark Klem). New sprites, new textures, and new music by Mark. Made on Sept 1994, updated on 1995 (all the stuff was merged to build a single Pwad). It should be legendary: you'll have great fun to play it, and its principal author is one of the most famous music's author for Doom (and other)!!! Jive.x
One of the first full episode wads I ever played. Gets a 5 for the music alone. The levels themselves are pretty nice, some unconventional layouts for 95. All sprites and some textures are recolored to have a colourful, corroded look, some people will probably hate it but I loved it. A bit too easy and some dodgy texture alignments, but still lots of fun!x
Mostly average levels (not bad for '95), some fun moments, good music.x
typical crappy 1994 wad blah blah WAIT WHAT'S THIS? Memento Mori music? Holy crap. Yeah, the only reason you'd want to play this is to hear early versions of Mark Klem's MM music. There are just too many 1994 mistakes (mandatory secrets, endless hallways, STARTAN3 etc.) for it to be enjoyable. 2.5/5x
MK is great musician but poor mapperx

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