Title: e2m1ed.zip
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/e2m1ed.zip
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Date: 04/29/94
E-mail: edb9140@tamsun.tamu.edu
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While this at least doesn't contain bugs that make your eyes bleed, it's still a very poorly done map. It consists only of some small corridors with STARTAN textures, laid out around a central STARTAN room with a moving floor. --1/5x
You do realize this was made in the genesis of doom editing right? This is more of a tech demo rather than an engaging gameplay-intense level.x
This is E2M1. It's a very old level, dated March 1994. It feels more like a feasibility study than a playable map - the earlier "Stones", which is id=14, is much more elaborate, and entertaining to play. Nonetheless it's interesting to see some cliches emerge. This level has one of those elevator hubs that were popular at the time. There's a secret room, a trap, 18 mostly weak monsters. No real gameplay, and it's really of historical interest only.x
Actually, going by file timestamps, this level (dated March 23) is older than STONES by three days. Of course, gameplay- and design-wise there's no comparison between the two. 2/5 -N_Ax
Although the map sucks, I guess it isn't the worst thing I've ever seen. Still, don't bother with this one - you won't be missing much.x

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