Filename: levels/doom/g-i/g-b-arch.zip
Size: 889 KB
Date: 03/22/99
Author: Douglas A. Campbell
Description: A feast for the eyes of those who thirst for blood. Indulge yourself with nine classically designed levels of fine architecture with fast and furious action, a puzzle or two thrown in just for fun, and a silly story line. These huge levels are all packed full of monsters, of course, to keep you busy throughout the wee hours of the night and well into the morning. Don't let the blood and viscera of hundreds of slaughtered beasts spoil the beauty of your surroundings.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 3 years in the making - countless hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEU 5.1 GCC, DCK; MIDI2MUS, DMMUSIC, BSP11X; MIDISOFT, TED, DMGRAPH; RMB, ZENNODE and tried WARM. Latter caused texture tiling problems e.g. uneven spacing of bars on MIDGRATE textures; therefore, not used.
Bugs: HOMs when using versions less than 1.666
Rating: (8 votes)
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Um...I'd fing it safe to say that this does NOT live up to the name.x
Not bad; a mini-episode. Nice trees, and there's a nice petrol station near the beginning of the second level, although as a consequence of all this real-world architecture it reminds me too much of Redneck Rampage. Minus a star for having a toilet in it; always a sign of bad design. A bit dull otherwise.x
To have different ceiling heights in one area results in you see some of the textures disappear and appear which isn't very good. But the trees looked nice 2/5 -Moniacx
Falling behind by 1999 standards, but these maps are still fun to play through. It's interesting, we have a mix here of stuff that still looks awesome to this day, and typical relics of ~15 year old maps, such as shitty texturing and heights that don't make sense. Oh, and of course a gas station has a toilet, that doesn't inherently mean anything about the quality of the maps.x
Was pretty damn fun!x
One of the toughest map challenge I ever played! With my moderate monster combo, the monsters showed me who's boss! I might even consider a bit of a change to even the score. I am quite sad that I got my ass kicked, but I say it was fun getting my ass kicked. A bit too much quick thinking about routes, I say. Wished it was more polished and completed so I can properly treasure as the map for custom monster combos. ~4/5x

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