Title: Iconoclast
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/icon.zip
Size: 233 KB
Date: 04/13/96
Author: Anthony M. Ennas
E-mail: Aennas@aol.com
Description: The UAC base has been over run by hellspawn.Left for dead in the guard tower overlooking the communaction staion you drag yourself over to a medical kit hung on the near by wall.Finding the stimpack you enject yourself with aderline shots and slowly regain your strengh.Fully recovered you look around for a weapon.Sunk in the holster of a dead soilder laying on the floor next to you is fully loaded 9mm..Its now time to blast your way trough this maze.The Iconoclast wads replace levels 1-5 in ID Software's Original Doom.By the way there is a puzzle in E1M2 in the Icon file that somtimes proves to tough to tame,so I'll give you a hint.In the level there is a plasma gun and mega armour within a cage.To retrive them somewhere in the same room is a switch that must be activated by being shot.And the only way to hit the switch is to find a hidden elevator in the same room.Enuff said
Credits: & Tom Jones for there help in
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Posted by Anthony Ennas :-)x
Good set of old school maps, highly enjoyable. No nonsense, no stupid slaughter fests, no annoying mapping tricks. Just solid, fun, enjoyable maps.x

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