Title: kaiser_7.zip
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/kaiser_7.zip
Size: 133 KB
Date: 03/17/04
Author: Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal
E-mail: kaiser@newdoom.com
Credits: ID Software, SB Software, Gherkin, Agent Spork, Overlord, but most of all, Newdoom.com and Doomworld.com, without you guys, this wouldn't even be possible.
Base: From Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (7 votes)
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this WAD rules. 5/5-- SSWolfenSiex
Alan: Smell the cheese. Tony: No I donít want to. Alan: [More forcefully] Smell my cheese! Tony: Alan, please. [Alan gets up from his seat and thrusts the cheese into Tonyís face] Alan: [Shouting] Smell my cheese, you mother! [A waiter then attempts to restrain the hysterical Alan.] Waiter: I think thatís quite enough, thank you! [At this point Alan takes fright and charges out of the restaurant, cheese and fork still in hand.] Alan: Iíve got cheese! This is cheese!x
Another excellent level in the series, made in the E3 style with some Doom II textures imported. Might only be 4.5 due to symmetry, but I give it a 5 anyway since the rest in fantastic and it will get the average review rate to a 4.5, which works out well.x
i was rather disapointid with this won the disine and graphix were good as ushiwel but i thaut it was to repetitive having to figt 7 shotgun guys and 3 cacodeamons all at wonce with a pistle thain when you hit the switch you endup having to figt an assload of monsters with just the shotgun 2/5 x
This WAD contains the 2 worst and most unfair cyberdemon fights I fucking ever had the horror of doing! 2/5-Killer2x

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