Filename: levels/doom/j-l/land.zip
Size: 142 KB
Date: 10/25/95
Author: Anthony Rocchio
Description: This is another update, w/graphics added. Nothing major. Title screen, O.J., Rygil. (I was bored, what do you want?).

The general idea is that keys are useless. You have to find a switch that opens a door so that you can proceed. Sometimes you have to find a switch that opens a door to another switch which opens another... You get the drift.

Also keep in mind that I don't believe in back tracking unless it will be interesting. In other words, watch for monsters on the way back.
Base: 2 New levels from scratch.
Build time: About 20 or 30 Hours
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Edmap 1.24
Bugs: E-mail me about bugs.
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