Title: morgana.zip
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/morgana.zip
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Date: 09/29/96
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Decent gameplay, okay appearance with only a few small visual quirks. Not spectacular quality but better than many other PWADS. May be worth checking out.x
This is a decent late-period Doom 1 level. It's short and unspectacular (less than a hundred weak monsters), but the design is pleasingly complicated and it's amusing enough. It doesn't really stand out, and seems more like a good 1994/1995 level than something from as late as 1996, but it's competently put together and I was in a good mood.x
A good wad from '96 that is balanced, fun and is not ugly on the eyes. The map is not as short as I thought it would be and is of an average normal size. Keys are used well in this map and the pregression is smooth. However as the reviewer has said above me it looks like it is from '94 or '95. And because of this it makes the map easily forgettable, regretfully so as the quality of this is rather good and is worth your while 3/5.x
I had the Moderator for the Fidonet Doom Echo upload this to the internet, and a man from South African downloaded it. He had a problem with the game, it was discovered he was using an out of date version. He got in contact with me. About a year later we were married. The general feel of this wad was supposed to be similar to the originals. I wanted it to feel like it was part of the original set but an alternate story. After 16 years, I am glad those who have played it did enjoy it. x
^ What a nice story. The wad is quite nice as well, with good texturing and some non-linear bits. My only gripe is that you don't get the chaingun until the very end of the level, so for the most time it's pure shotgunfest and it gets a little bit repetitive. Still, very nice, especially for 1994.x
An old level that's not bad for the time. But it's not great either. 3/5 from me. -TRRobinx

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