Filename: levels/doom/m-o/my_second.zip
Size: 162 KB
Date: 03/21/95
Author: OverFLO
Description: Here is my second WAD for DOOM (tm)1. Scroll down for more DIZ
Credits: Barta ("DehackeD") Flo Br”sel (He runs to the next corner and screams loud, just when I say "I need a DOOM-editor") Br”sel is my Internet guy! :)
Base: Needed a good, great Deathmatch WAD ID`s got bored
Build time: Don't Know (But I guess a lot)
Editor(s) used: OK, lets begin * DoomEd 2.6 (by Geoff Allan) -until it crashed * DEU 5.21 -until it crashed but very useful to erase bugs. * DoomEd 4.6á (after long search in Internet) this one is really good!!(not only because This is a Windows App) ...but also crashed, but works fine * IdBSP 1.1 Ok this works fine and ... never crashed (by the way it`s from ID)
Bugs: Yeah there are some: * Some flickering caused by DOOM 1.2 grafx engine You only see them, when you look at many textures. These effect occurs only in the big nukage room

* There some "Tutti-Frutti" Walls (especially stairs), but don't worry about this
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Sounds awful. But it's slightly better than I expected, with a layout and gameplay and some inventiveness. But I am compelled to give this just one star because of my new rule. I call it the "Aliens door or lift sound effect one star rule", whereby if a wad uses the door or lift sound effect from Aliens, I give it one star.x
It's not bad, but watch out for the inescapable nukage pit towards the end (not the big one outside). ***x

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