Title: Neith
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/neith.zip
Size: 332 KB
Date: 01/03/04
Author: Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd
E-mail: owen_lloyd@hotmail.com
Description: A um.. I don't know, I suck at describing stuff. My best map yet though, hope you enjoy. I recommend you run it on something compatible with doom.exe demos, as stx-Vile made a very nice maxrun.
Credits: Espi (for some help and texture wad fixes) Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore (for testing and a demo) NiGHTMARE (for some textures) Gherkin (for Doom Builder) Matt Tagliaferri (for DoomCAD) whoever made the sky texture :P
Base: From scratch of course
Build time: 40 days
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.1-1.3, Wintex, XWE
Bugs: Lift near the end can break, minor glitch with horizon
Rating: (22 votes)
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