Title: octo.zip
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/octo.zip
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Date: 05/12/94
E-mail: holtd@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu
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It's E2M1, although there's no indication of this, which irritated me. It's a very large arena (with seven sides rather than eight) and there are 28 monsters, including a pair of spiders and a cyberdemon. You can just run to the exit, and then you're in E2M2, which starts off in a crate maze. There's a shotgun and a berzerk pack near the beginning, and it's fun to do the level with just the berzerk. I liked the corridor with the crushers. It was very familiar, though.x
^E2M2 is DOOM you knuckle-head, that maybe why it's familiar. The room has only six sides, not seven but that is of little consequence. Even for 1994, this is rubbish. One huge dark arena, a corridor with some weaponary, a Unvunerabiliy sphere and a switch to exit marked a poison. I do agree that no indication of what level this is can be irritating. I also find it amusing the author begs for feedback. OK then, it's shite! 0/5x
Haha 1 big room with monsters and a small looped corridor on the side, you call this a map? I call this a beginners experiment to practice using the editor that should not have even been released oh well, it WAS made in 1994 after all. 0/5 there is no reason to even play thisx
The main level isn't even an octagon. 0/5x

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