Title: OK.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/ok.zip
Size: 12 KB
Date: 04/25/94
Author: Scott Adams
E-mail: scotta@netcom.com
Description: This file contains 6 PWADS for DOOM that, unless I've missed a bug, are without bugs. Intentionally, they are very basic and short. They are intended for the beginning DEU user, and illustrate some techniques that can be used to achieve different effects without too much effort. The first is the most basic, only two sectors of different heights. After that, each is a little different and gives an example of a different feature. I would personally recommend quickly playing each level, and then looking at the PWAD file with DEU. There are, intentionally, no enemies, since they are quite easy to add and can get in the way sometimes.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU
Rating: (7 votes)
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Six extremely small and basic test maps (without exits or monsters, save for one map) which may have served some purpose when they were made, but now are completely pointless. As for bugs, I noticed a glaring HOM in the fifth (or possibly sixth) map. Skip it. --1/5x
Not ok.x
worse tan wow wadx
^Agreed, especially considering wow.wad was made 5 years later.x
not sure what i just played ...x
It's a bunch of maps to study with DEU (or any editor really). But it's missing the actual tutorial part, so not very useful overall. The DEU 5.21 package (id=251) has a much better one, and also includes a playable episode. *x
Interesting for historical purposes. It served its use in 1994 to help DEU beginners learn some basics. Its no longer needed today obviously, but I don't think that is a reason to bash it. x

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