Filename: levels/doom/m-o/outland.zip
Size: 43 KB
Date: 05/14/94
Author: Russell Gruber
E-mail: rgruber@shell.portal.com
Description: Your squad is to beam down to the surface and investigate the sudden loss of communication lines between UAC and a remote command center on the moon Deimos, Enemy activity is suspected. Your squad will eliminate any enemy activity with extreme predjudice. Unfortunately, detailed surface maps are unavailble due to the sensitive nature of company operations.
Credits: The Dreamer(nobody knows his real name- tough to notify next of kin after I frag him in deathmatch)
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Not too bad, but completing the level does require opening some (poorly) hidden doors. There are some nicer parts and some less nice parts, but it's an okay play, nothing to get very excited about though.x
Decent effort for an old, first wad, but boring empty areas and too many pointless secrets. Too much health and a huge arena to fight 3 Barons, worth a nostalgic chuckle. Only thing of actual interest was how the map interconnects which could have been good for deathmatch. Unfortunately this is crippled cos you can only go one way (back), so if the doors close behind you it leaves you to trudge all the way back through an empty level. Finally, almost none of the doors have door textures. ** for effort.x
Although it will enrage players who hate mandatory secrets, or who hate '94 releases on principle, it's a passable one-off experience as oldschool maps go. 3/5.x
It's shit 0/0x

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