Filename: levels/doom/p-r/panic.zip
Size: 39 KB
Date: 05/08/94
Author: Jason Hargreaves (A really really bored Chem E student)
E-mail: jhargrea@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Description: Well, here it is... This is an improved version of a level which I made The first version had some bugs and this is way better! (and bigger, about 700 vertices!) A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this level (especially since I did it during final exams)

I like my levels HARD! There are many nasty bits in this level, ie. watch your ass and save often. Since it is the second level of the episode, I expect that people will come into the level with some ammo and weapons (you may find it hard to warp straight into (I don't)). If you play this level and like it, let me know by E-mail

ENOUGH BLABBING!! Play the frigging level!!
Credits: Thanks for the txt format, liked your level Diane Boot: Sorry I was glued to my computer all day hon. Brendon Wyber and RaphaČl Quinet: DEU v5 Rules! Mike Reed: BSP sure fixes all those anoying bugs Mike Daskalopoulos: My ever faithful beta-tester!! (Too bad he's an EE)
Base: New Level
Build time: 25 hours (ouch!)
Editor(s) used: DEU v5 and BSP 1.1
Bugs: ýMaybe one or two textures are not aligned
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This is actually a pretty neat little map. It was released in 1994, and not surprisingly it's pretty undetailed as a result, but it has some interesting traps and battles and such. There are a couple HOMs and there's a door at the beginning that's all funny and doesn't work (had to idclip) but given its age it was fun. 4/5x
Yeah! There's loads of tutti-frutti but in 1994, this was considered a fairly decent wad and all right, maybe it is a bit dated, compared to some of today's offerings, but I still enjoyed the 5 minutes play. Played UV -FAST, naturally. I guess it was like looking at an old photograph that gives you a feeling. 4/5 for that nice feeling :-)x
A very good map from 1994, The themes although sometimes seemingly inconsistent work well together and the monsters are well placed. A nice normal amount of guns and ammo to get and well balanced. The door at the beginning does work properly but you have to trigger it to open by running towards the area you drop down into the room from. All in all with the exception of some tutti-frutti here and there, this is worthy of your time 4/5x
I was willing to give this a decent score since it's from early '94. Then I died from nukage poisoning. On a wooden floor. 1/5x
Ergh.. This is bad. Better get to that first door in time, or you're locked out and have to cheat or start over. This would have sucked in the 90's too, 1/5x
The starting area was crap, but the rest wasn't too bad. Still, I wouldn't recommend this one.x
Pretty good level, but somewhat buggyx

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