Title: Pools of Sperm
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sperm.zip
Size: 214 KB
Date: 09/20/94
Author: Ray Trochim
E-mail: trochim@rintintin.colorado.edu
Description: See below for very short story
Base: From Scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomED 2.6, DEU 5.2, BSP11
Bugs: No bugs. But there is at least two places that you can fall in and can't get out ;>
Rating: (5 votes)
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At first, I thought it was pretty bad, but it sort of grew on me as I played through. It's got that '94 flavour, to be sure, with rather bland, although fairly competent structure, and the item placement is a bit weird (first level gives you massive amounts of ammo & supplies, then you don't get very much later on.) This relates to the story but for gameplay it feels odd. You'll be wanting that ammo later on. The only map which relates to the title is the "bonus" E1M4.x
Elton John. The four wads are packed separately; there's also a sound replacement wad. Level four is shaped like a sperm. Level one is blah; level two resembles a "workplace" level, with lots of small rooms and corridors with regularly-spaced doors; it's the most fully-developed map. Level three is a repeat of level one, but you start at the end. There are different monsters and no weapons. This is below-par even for 1994.x
noyhing special,avoid.x
Nice ass, gonna fill it with semen till it explodes in a cummy mess! 0/5x

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