Filename: levels/doom/v-z/weezul5.zip
Size: 151 KB
Date: 05/28/94
Author: James Gerbino
E-mail: RPG2@NVN.COM
Description: Your buddies have been tortured... you can't escape but you CAN kill.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: about 30 hours
Editor(s) used: Geoff Allan's DoomEd 2.60, BSP 1.1
Bugs: none. (uhm, barring the door textures :)
Rating: (5 votes)
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No bug?... None?!? What happens if you discover the secret level which is on E1M1? Hmmm? You should go to E1M9... And after that? Hmmm? Well, you go to E1M4, as usual... So that, no way to play E1M2 and E1M3!!! So, E1M1 and E1M3 should be interverted. Jive. p.s.: the entry D_E1M4 is corrupted.x
Fun, entertaining set of levels. The automap in the middle one is especially funx
lol no 1/5x
A cool collection of five small, simple, fun levels from May 1994. All quite easy, except for the final level which is a challenge on NM. That level also allows an easy void glide outside the playing space and return via a different vertex! 4/5 - N_Ax

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