Title: Can't Run Frm Evil (Part I)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/crfe_p1.zip
Size: 4397 KB
Date: 06/05/12
Author: NokturnuS
E-mail: pedro_r_p@hotmail.com
Description: Looking at my huge Doom folder i found lots of incomplete maps which never see the light of day, so i decide to keep up some of them and rearrange with a more "modern doom" look. These levels are the first four of them, and they are the bigger too. All maps can be finished starting with pistol only. Maps are hard, but difficult levels are implemented. Also, there are no continuity between maps, maybe except map 01 and map 02. First two maps are techbases, map 3 is city-based and map 4 is marble-metal based. Also i include a alternate PLAYPAL lump, the cool palette you sure already see on maps like simplicity and lots of Zdoom wads. Sorry i don't know the name of the creator to credit him...
Credits: Id of course for Doom Authors of DETH, XWE Adobe Photoshop Zennode Doomworld Creators of GOTHICTX graphic resource (disclaimer at the end of this file) Nick Baker. I use some of his textures found in the Caverns Of Darkness wad Guys at Doomworld Wads and mods forums who test my maps and come with nice speedruns. You rock. Mark Klem for great music. Tean TNT for great music too.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Ages
Editor(s) used: Deth, XWE, zennode
Bugs: Few misalignmentes i think.
Rating: (14 votes)
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Very well-balanced health and ammo. Huge maps. Good 4.5/5x
^Agreed! Four fairly large maps with plenty of baddies to kill (1174, 912, 863 & 998 respectively). Lots of in-fighting action, if that's your bag - I love it on UV -fast. Plenty of ammo, but not too much and a fair amount of health. Been playing this now for a few days and enjoying every minute of it - apart from some horrible deaths... - try again. 4.5/5x
A great gift for those of you who love long trek tight-balanced maps with a trial-and-error style of gameplay. I don't like some bits (walls' detail not being marked as impassible, slow caco / pain teleport at M04 and more and most of m01), but its still well worth the time Ive spend on it. 4*x
Needs more attention! This is genius!x
Where is the ammo?x
Great job, however not limit removing. You need at least a Boom compatible port for the dehacked file and an MBF compatible port for the maps with the modified cacodemon to work properly. prboom-plus records complevel 9 demos incorrectly with this wad. dwrTagx

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