Title: deathrevealed.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/deathrevealed.zip
Size: 442 KB
Date: 05/12/03
Author: INFO:
E-mail: sabbath1@telia.com
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Rating: (10 votes)
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Not-so-great looks but fairly good design and gameplay.x
not bad doomer666x
Average level set. Nothing great in the looks department, ranging from average to a bit below average (at times). There's no excuse for thse levels not being lumped together into one wad file, it's not hard to do.x
I thought it was pretty good - while it may not be the best looking map ever, there is certainly a lot of attention to detail. The gameplay is awesome. The levels should be grouped together though.x
Five levels from May 2003, saved as five separate .wad files (although e.g. Map04.wad is Map04). Overall I liked 'em. The design is simple and old-fashioned but the gameplay is great, and very hard. Map01 is a good simple intro; Map02 is devilishly tricky, with an ultra-violent central arena. In fact the difficulty is man-sized throughout, almost impossible at times, e.g. Map05 with clumps of barons, archviles etc. But good overall.x
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