Title: Europa 3 - The Dark Side of Vrack
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/eaeuro03.zip
Size: 686 KB
Date: 03/28/02
Author: Erik Alm
E-mail: erik_a80@hotmail.com
Description: A fairly detailed map for Doom2. Inspired by Fredik Johansson's incredible Vrack series. This map may cause a lot of problems on slower computers. If your computer is slower than PII 200 Mhz, don't even try to play this level, sorry :\
Credits: id software, Fredrik Johansson, the creators of Super Metroid
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 4 days
Editor(s) used: Deth, Warm, Deutex
Bugs: Texture alignment bugs.
Rating: (14 votes)
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Just as good as the other two Europa's. It simply rocks! I like how you got inspired from Vrack, but you could still create an oringinal level that looks quite different from the Vrack series (I am one of the many who love that series, BTW). Just as I said in the review of Europa 2, you are an absolute genius, Erik Alm. Keep it up!x
Now this map kicks ass dude. Awsome job with detail and gameplay. I played it on UV and had a real fun time. Nice large detailed outdoor areas with lots to see. Your going to want and run it with a newer computer because of all the detail.4/4/07x
A staple Alm bad, but a little disapointing compared to the previous two Europas.x
This is a great map! It's challenging, with a high monster count and some wide open areas where dozens of them attack you from all sides. And it's beautiful, too, with great architecture, very nice details, creating the atmosphere that only the best Doom maps can evoque. As to the fairness, this map is much more balanced than it's predecessor. Monsters, ammo and goodies are dispensed perfectly, in a way that it's never too easy and never unfair. 4.5/5 -Milianx
This is dated March 2003. It's a big, detailed, masculine space station in the modern style, with 400+ monsters. Starts off with a tricky trap, and then there's an ace fight on a space platform. This forms the meat of the level - there's a short nip back into the complex, then a hangar, then back to the platform. The difficulty is surprisingly mild, you have lots of space and ammo, and you can run past the final final battle, but overall it's great fun.x
Not as good as first and second part. Good design but boring gameplay. 3/5.x

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