Title: Hell Awakened 2 Episode 1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/ha2ep1v2.zip
Size: 27089 KB
Date: 07/13/14
Author: Death Dealer, insanoflex312
E-mail: insanoflex312@gmail.com
Description: 8 Levels + 1 secret level, Difficult gameplay, good visuals and a dark atmosphere.
Credits: Makers of the editors used, PSXDoom for some sounds and textures, the many people who made the CC4 texutres I used. Fisk, for his very informative video review, Scallano, for ToP.wad giving me much inspiration. The many authors of PL2.wad, for inspiration. My brothers for beta-testing and balance suggestions. The one or two people who commented on the beta for motivation. I did it for you, PFL XD

Resources: UTNT - Smoke clouds Doom64 - many textures, sprites, difficulty names, sounds PSXDoomTC - Fire skys, some textures, difficulty name CC4_tex - tons of textures plutonia - textures Aubrey Hodges - music
Base: HA2EP1 beta :P
Build time: a while, on and off so I couldn't tell you...
Editor(s) used: GZDBuiler, doom builder 2, flstudio, MSPaint, PixelFormer, Slade3
Bugs: none found, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.
Rating: (13 votes)
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Never played first Hell Awakened (actually, never heard of it until I saw this), but I must say this was surprisingly enjoyable episode! Definitely reminded me Threshold of Pain. Only thing I really didn't like were some of the new monsters, I have a feeling that most players won't be a huge fans of those modified revenants.;) I'm glad that more mappers are going for PSX and D64 brand of atmosphere.x
Pretty good. You certainly nailed the visuals, at moments this feels like playing some custom maps for D64EX. Gameplay could use some more polishing: you seem to love chaingunners a bit too much and their placement is a bit problematic. Also, overusing cybers is never a good idea. I think I already encountered one on map 3 or so, and sew maps latter there were already few of them. Maps really aren't frustrating or even too hard (good thing imo), there are just minor annoyances here and there. x
Amazing Wha t abeautiful design Loves every single part! Wish there were more maps :Px
This was alright, I guess. Looks good enough, very atmospheric... Gameplay was so-so. Bit boring at times. Later maps get a bit key-hunty/switch-hun ty for my taste despite not being large. That trial & error "puzzles" at the end of map 8 were annoying, I ended up nocliping. I expected some kind of boss fight at the end similar to those from ToP, so ending was kinda anticlimactic (altho I understand that this is supposed to be first par of full megawad). Stll, twas worth playing. Keep up the good work! x
Plain, featureless maps.x
Solid if uninspired maps, sprinkled with Doom 64 lightning and ambient soundtrack.x

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