Title: Temple of Takhyshra
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/takhys.zip
Size: 43 KB
Date: 10/23/08
Author: Subatomic
E-mail: Nailbomb@gmail.com
Description: My second completed map for public release.
Base: Original level from scratch
Build time: About 1 month
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder v1.68 build 385
Bugs: See version history below
Rating: (8 votes)
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For a second created level this is ok, but you should learn how to include lights at the ceiling, man :-P and don't make the rooms too dark. 2/5... also: maybe you should test your wads on some other source ports like zdoom, because there you will see how dark it really is. Greetings!x
2/5 as well its ok but the wad gets kinda repetitive and not very detailedx
This was a meh wad imo. The monster placement seemed a bit crowded at areas. But overall its a meh.x
This is dated October 2008. You fight 75 middling monsters in a square, undetailed temple that looks like something from 1995. The gameplay involves fighting groups of baddies that emerge from behind descending walls, although it ends with a cavern where you fight up some steps; it's very dark and aggravating. After that there's a murder hole where some chaingunners kill you. It's not much fun.x
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