Title: A City
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/acity101.zip
Size: 56 KB
Date: 11/11/00
Author: De Zeurkous
E-mail: zeurkous@crosswinds.net
Description: The 101st beta version of the first level from my project "The Cities". A few buildings, no objects except player starts and a few shotguns in hidden areas where you cant get to ;). There are no keys so the locked doors are unlocked on the moment :).
Credits: ID Software, Raven Software
Base: New from scratch
Build time: I donnow.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex, Paint
Bugs: None.
Rating: (14 votes)
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crap, incomplete, not even alpha.. why upload ? - PerOxydx
This is the first third of a level that was never finished; there are no later maps in the archive by this author. The level is a large square with some simple buildings in the upper-right corner. There are no monsters, although there is an exit switch (that takes you to the Wolfenstein secret level). Wouldn't it be amazing if spies were using these reviews to pass on secret messages to each other? I bet some big-wig like this has stolen some of it at times.x
Piece of shit level. The author must have really been desperate to get something out there when he uploaded this one.x
Technically you could use this for DM, since it has the shotgun (nothing else though). And at least he lets anyone modify/improve his map, so that rates at least 1/5.x
What a waste...x
Dont bother to download it. Its just some random placed buildings with random enviroment. They are all placed in one corner which makes map even more awful. vomit -TheMiki470x

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