Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/atb31.zip
Size: 1401 KB
Date: 02/25/96
Author: Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Credits: See MAP01. Also, my Wife and Daughter for putting up with all the down time.
Base: New levels from scratch. (Represents .1% of .1% of my recurring nightmare.)
Build time:
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I love it when wad designers have a sense of humor. (If you do actually play this thing, know that I am referring to the graffito that one sees a fair bit into the level.) Unfortunately this is another one in the "so easy it's boring" category.x
My god. This mapset is like being on acid. Giant eyeballs that scream like little girls when they explode, floating stone demon heads, psychadelic textures, and giant levels that wind in and out of each other.The gameplay is simple blasting, and you rarely will have undr 75% health, but you must experience this wad to believe it, especially late at night with the lights turned off (as the author reccomends). 5/5. Hell, 555/5x
This is another one of those peculiar projects from before they invented The Rules (in this case January '96). The levels are large, mazey, monster-packed, generally not very good, but the new sprites and sounds cross the boundary between naffness and genuinely cracked surrealism. It's MSPAINT stuff but done with gusto; the eyeballs do indeed scream like girls, the cacodemon is disconcerting, there are giant SS men. Giant SS men.x
Great wad. 4/5x

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