Title: Blinded by Fear
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blinded.zip
Size: 79 KB
Date: 07/14/02
Author: Patrik Höglund (GRUL)
Description: This is your average DOOM level; it doesn't have any extremely detailed lighting, no extremely detailed architecture, but it still looks kinda nice. The idea with this map was that it would be fast to make the surroundings so that I could use more time to design the gameplay. The design is "effective" in that it doesn't contain perverse amount of linedefs. It is stuff that looks good but still is fast to draw. Keep It Simple Stupid, like. The reason for this is the most recent thing I made (nightwing) that took like 6 months to complete but still turned out to be crap. It had awesome architecture, but the gameplay was lacking. Well, anyway, this should be enjoyable ;)
Credits: The usual...
Base: New from scratch
Build time: ~30 hrs
Editor(s) used: DCK
Bugs: Some doors are not pegged correctly, and I _thought_ I saw a slime trail somewhere...
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Excellent letter, and as the author says it's much better than his previous one. This is a techbase with a decent level of detail, but the gameplay shines; it's not too tough, but there's just enough ammo and health. It manages to have a lot of close-quarters fighting without feeling cramped. I finished it in 25:04 and had 25:04 of fun. I didn't find a single one of the 13 secrets.x
Excellent! I loved every minute of this. Most of the 13 secrets were easy to spot, but one or two I needed the iddt cheat to find. The rocket launcher secret was found purely by accident. There are some errors like the unpegged doors, but didn't spoil the game-play. 4/5x
Action packed, fast gameplay and the graphics are great too! 5/5, that's it!x
That was pretty good. It's simple, but the gameplay is solid.x
Excellent stand-alone map. Plenty of places to explore with a steady combat pace, this one's reasonably challenging but never overbearing with cheap ambushes or spam. Ammo/health resources are well-balanced with the present Hellspawn. A joy to play. 5/5x
Wow. This one deserves more attention. Such a blast to play! 5/5x

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