Title: Cage Rage v2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cagrag20.zip
Size: 125 KB
Date: 10/25/98
Author: Sparkle Tom
E-mail: sparktom@bigfoot.com
Description: Almost named this one "EYEBURN" ... you'll under- stand when you get involved with the first part of this baby. It's big and keeps coming at you with hordes of evil. Don't despair, little soldier, there is an exit.

COOP is a fraggin' blast with this one, but single players better be ready to hose themselves off. No mercy is the plan here.
Credits: Rich and Alice Sham - the #1 guys in making this wad available to you. Rich is the world's best playtester - thank you, Rich.

An anonymous playtester in Austin.


Anybody thoughful enough to send comments and/or LMPs of their mission thru this hell.
Base: made from scratch
Build time:
Bugs: somebody is stuck in a monster cache ... you'll hear him, but it's an invisible error. Please inform me of any that I missed - it's unlikely, this puppy has been playtested till we have forgotten our children's names!
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A good implementation of an interesting idea -- you get the upper hand in a sealed-off area with a lot of monsters, then you start getting hit with another counterattack force featuring an archvile every five minutes or so (at least). I wonder what bad guy has the record for being the one I killed the most times.x
This is from October 1998. It looks horrible, like something from 1995, but it plays well because there are lots of monsters, and the gameplay is clever; whilst you spend time exploring an underground area, some archviles resurrect most of the baddies you killed earlier. It's marred by the fact that you have to wait for some very slow lifts, and also you get so much plasma ammo that it's easy (although time-consuming, 'cause you have to kill everything twice).x
Garish colors; no level design to speak of, much less architecture; gameplay is... meh. To say that ammo is overabundant would be an understatement.x
fun except the slow lifts and couple flashing sectorsx

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