Title: Caos9
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/caos9.zip
Size: 30 KB
Date: 11/18/95
Author: Antonio Moreno
E-mail: amoreal@ibm.net
Description: Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. This is good for deathmatch, itīs a little pwad, but have fun playing it single and/or cooperative. (Watch your back) Donīt get scared, it can be done. Little but tough!!!
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This is from November 1995. I haven't played the other levels in the series. Basically, you shoot twenty shotgun men in a cramped dark arena, and then you go into a room where a crushing ceiling kills you if you're not careful. Then you pick up a couple of keys and exit. It's a trivial level, no fun single-player, too small and cramped for deathmatch. Less than fifty baddies, half of which are zombies, but you get the BFG and loads of ammo.x
Fun like a hole in the head. 2/5x

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