Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/chord_ng.zip
Size: 79 KB
Date: 11/05/97
Author: Malcolm Sailor
E-mail: sailorm@cs.usask.ca
Description: MAP28 A level with (as always) vicious gameplay. SInce I've been doing a lot of Quake lately I tried to add in a lot of cool architecture on the roof and stuff... nothing compared to my Quake levels but relative to the average doom level the architecture is pretty good. I like the look: metal2/brown96 /teklite texturing scheme, a large tower/building which somehow survived the apocalypse.

I would _not_ recommend UV for the "average player" UV is for very good players, much harder than doom2. (For one thing there aren't unnecessary invulnerabilitys everywhere...)

Has very cool lighting/architecture and a ton of monsters... Enjoy!
Credits: Ben Morris for dck All the good authors for giving me inspiration. Too list a few: Sverre Kvernmo Iikka Keranan Ola Bjorling Dr Sleep Myscha Patrick Martin Adelusion Dennis Moeller Matt Dixon American Mcgee... Whoever made Zennode. Also thanks to those who tested this wad...
Base: An alienated and psychopathic weirdo.
Build time: A week, prolly 10-20 hours, I was working on other stuff. I'm getting pretty fast. Always have been, actually.
Editor(s) used: Dck 3.62, by far the very best editor. Try it, it kicks deu's (and all the others) ass. Read the docs.
Bugs: Possibly, if you find any, email me, please!
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Nice and solid level again.x
great level. 5/5x
hard, yet very good.x
This is dated November 1997. It's another one of the famously hard Chord levels. This one has a central hub with four elevators and only 79 monsters, but you start in the middle of a big fight and the traps are nasty. The elevators are a drag to go up and down and the Quake-style "fight lots of monsters in a descending lift" idea has dated, but it's still very good fun, and you can make it easier by luring the baddies into the central hub.x
A super frustrating experience on ultraviolence, but a classic nonetheless. The outdoor view is actually much more interesting than the rest of the level, it's a shame you don't get to see more of it. 4/5x
Very fun PWAD. Probably one of the better single levels I've played. ~vfx
cool mapx

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