Title: Control Station KGx/57
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cntrl_57.zip
Size: 274 KB
Date: 10/31/96
Author: Scott McNutt
E-mail: smmcnutt@ix.netcom.com
Description: Control Station KGx/57 is the sister installation of Attack Station KGx/57.

CSKG_57B.WAD is the Single Player Version CSDM_57B.WAD is the DeathMatch version
Credits: Oh Great Master Lawrence, Slacker 415 and Darrellman - for more cool Doom, Doom2, Quake, Heretic and Hexen stuff, check out his cool WWW page.........

Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 5.1 & 6.1, NewWad Tool 1.3, Ed Map, DMapEdit 4.0.8, Waded, Photostyler, Kitchen sink
Rating: (3 votes)
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Why two seperate wads? x
This map isn't too interesting. It looks quite avarage with some silver and tech-textures, the monsters are all very easy, and I didn't even need the rockets and plasma at all. Gameplay isn't good neither. It's mostly running through hallways, accessible through unidentificable doors and looking for switches. The secrets are two rooms with half-naked girls on the walls, which I found very boring. 1.5/5 -Milianx
This is dated January 1996. You get a pair of levels; one of them single-player, one of them deathmatch (which I didn't play). It's a monotextured silver techbase that would have seemed old-fashioned in late 1994, and there's almost nothing Doom II about it. One room is baffling until you press on random bits of the structure. The gameplay has a flow, albeit a boring one, but it's very copy-and-paste and there's no challenge.x

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