Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dasboot.zip
Size: 164 KB
Date: 02/11/04
Author: Ralph Kukla
E-mail: 100617.2702@compuserve.com
Description: Got the idea from the movie-soundtrack of "Das Boot" by Klaus Doldinger. Fortunately i found a Tekkno-Like MIDI-File of this Track by U 96. The story: Well after alot of ....., you find yourself onboard of a Nazi-Submarine. Try to fight your way out. Thats all folks.
Credits: Olivier Montanuy, for DeuTex & DeuSF Ben Morris for DCK (It's great!) id Software Klaus Doldinger, U 96 (Alex Christensen)for the music My wife for her patience (if I were her, I would have killed me :-))...)
Base: Built from scratch - a few Doom2 graphics borrowed and modified
Build time: Really interested...?
Editor(s) used: DCK, DeuTex, DeuSF, Cakewalk
Bugs: Blown thugs?
Rating: (8 votes)
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Like in socialism, good idea, bad implementation. Including Worst Doom Starcase EVAR. 2/5 (for idea) -- Brun Ohnx
nothing special and very short 2/5 - PerOxydx
It's a novel idea - the level is set on a dingy-looking submarine - but it's not a very good idea. A submarine does not make for a good Doom level. It is a series of one-way sausage-like corridors with a mixture of shotgun people, zombiemen and SS guards. Fans of Osprey military books will probably ponder on the wildly non-standard uniforms the crewmen wear. I agree about the staircase, and it's right at the beginning too.x
good idea, bad implementation 3 starsx
Pretty good submarine wad.x
Feels like you're playing one of those 1024 or 512 square maps (very cramped). There seems to be a bug on 2nd deck downwards: you hit the left switch (next to green armor), short bulkheads come down, but you can get trapped inside those little rooms. Some cool ideas, but the whole map really needs to be rescaled so you're not constantly bumping into stuff.x

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