Title: Episode
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/episode.zip
Size: 256 KB
Date: 01/06/96
Author: Gareth Lough
E-mail: ralough@ced.thegap.com
Description: Replacement for map01-map09
Credits: id software The writer of deu 5.00 and 5.21
Base: Nine completely new levels
Build time: about 336 hours (2 weeks) because of bugs and the 250k map03(!!!)
Editor(s) used: Er, deu v5.00, deu v5.21, deu v5.31b doomed v4.something and WinDeu v5.24
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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It's technically crude, and the first level is awful, but the later levels are full of monsters and are very action-packed (level three is quite good). It doesn't amount to much more than mass carnage, but I like that.x
Starts off well, but, like a lot of the old Doom 1 wads, all the extra ammo and health makes it kinda dull by Map04.x
Fun '96 episode for first time playthrough killingx
Retro bonner- 6 stars *******x

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