Title: SlaughterDM
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/s-u/sldm.zip
Size: 2156 KB
Date: 01/01/00
Author: The SlaughterDM Team (full credits below)
E-mail: brn@calweb.com
Description: Slaughter DM is 9 levels of DM for BOOM and compabible source ports.
Credits: Id Software The authors of the editors we used The authors of the source ports that keep DOOM alive
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: various editors
Bugs: If you find some, let us know!
Rating: (6 votes)
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The only good gothic deathmatch that i enjoyed from the gothic crew.Lets hope crucified dreams lives up to the hype...x
Probably the most playable of all the various Gothic themed projects. 4/5x
The wad I try and download appears to have been broken or corrupted and refuses to unzip due to an unspecified error... Real shame since I wanted to see these maps.x
Downloaded from the New York mirror and unzipped fine here. Nice looking detailed levels. Map04 music reminds me of darken2's soundtrack.x
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