Title: Ultramodern Combat 2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/s-u/umc2.zip
Size: 194 KB
Date: 05/18/06
Author: DeumReaper
E-mail: deumreaper@yahoo.com
Description: 2nd in the UMC series. Mountain Keep is a fort- like area high up in the mountains; be careful so that you don't fall off! Includes umc1. *UMC Revisions* The dehacked limits are now restored to normal Doom II values (health, ammo, armor, and weapon speed). Added Rocket Launcher, Chainsaw, Health Bonus, Rockets, Rocket Box.
Credits: id Software for Doom II, Raider for Zdaemon
Base: umc1.wad
Build time: ~1 week
Editor(s) used: DeePSea, Wintex, XWE, WhackEd
Bugs: No
Rating: (5 votes)
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i beleive this map is really awesome because it rules a lot and so supreme above all other maps and is also super cool not to mention it is majorly great and superb!x
gag me with a spoon. this map hurts my eyes it's so bad. sorry, 0/5.x
well you know those zdaemon kids can really whip up some decent maps! but seriously, zero starsx

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