Title: Thee Amber Series Amber MAP06 for DOOM2 DeathMatch.
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/amber06.zip
Size: 235 KB
Date: 06/29/01
Author: Matthew (aka Mattrim) Dixon - mattrim.curtis@home.com
E-mail: mattrim.curtis@home.com
Description: The first, last and only map created for Gothic3.WAD. Built for and tested with the stock DOOM2 executable.
Credits: Anthony Czerwonka Whose textural creativity gave me something to work towards and for without whom, I would be nothing. Travers Dunne For your unsuspected inspiration. Martin Friberg My most trusted critic, even if I did not heed the majority of your commentary. No monsters, either!! Iikka Keränen A marked influence upon my works. Derek MacDonald Got Film? I suspected as much...! Chris Martin Though faded, the picture remains unable to escape the frame. Best. Michal Mesko Encouragement, feedback...friend. Eric Roberts For mad old-school flavour. Word. Malcolm Sailor My neighbouring provincial bro... Dan Twomey O Brother, Where Art Thou? I miss you, Dan. We created some magical material together over the years. Tim Willits The great gameplay of Quake E1M2. ...and all those lost in the shuffle. My apologies...
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Very nice dm level with a creative new use of Doom'2 standard textures. Definately worth a run with a few buddies.. maybe a compilation is in order?. //Fusionx
wow - 4/5 Daimonx
Pretty Good, Lots of fun. x

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