Title: " D=E=F=R=A=G "
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/defrag.zip
Size: 10 KB
Date: 09/21/95
Author: Timmy (The J-U-D-G-E)
E-mail: s.ptitsyn@NetAxis.qc.ca
Description: Cool small deathmatch level...Made for 2 player death- match. There are 2 secrets in this level: secret exit and one -cheater's room- Try to find them! Have fun And don't forget to use "turbo -250"when playing this wad, because if you use keybord it's gonna be hard to jump.
Credits: Jason Hoffoss for DMapEdit, Id Software for best game ever -=DOOM2=-, all the guys who tested this level and you for using this wad. Thank you all!
Base: New level from scratch...
Build time: 3 hours and 1 hour for testing...
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit v.4.0
Bugs: Get real... (None of them of course!)
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